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Adult Day Services

Goodwill Adult Day Care Center is a community-based group program designed to meet the needs of functionally impaired adults in the Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas Region. It is a structured, comprehensive program that provides a variety of health, social, and other related support services.

Caring for a loved one requires both time and energy. It can be an exhausting, full-time job. By having your loved one enrolled in our Adult Day Services program, you can be assured that while you are meeting your own familial needs, your loved one is being cared for by professional licensed and/or certified care staff.


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What does Adult Day Services offer?
  • Medical Help: We utilize prevention programs designed to avoid problems before they start, such as monitoring existing medical conditions, assistance with self-care, diet recommendations, and rehabilitation assistant with professionals.
  • Social Opportunities: Adults have a chance to meet with others of the same age and/or circumstance, enjoy organized activities designed for their age group or special needs, and work together on group projects.
  • Emotional Support: We help support those who feel inadequate or incapable, and remind people that they are not alone in their problems or fears. We encourage all participants to try new activities, and continue those they have always enjoyed!
  • Renewed Interest in Life: ADS provides a schedule for each day of activities, and encourages participating in these activities. We promote focusing on the future, not the past. For some, we help them find the desire to go on living their life to the absolute fullest, and enjoy each new day and what each day offers.
Additional Services:
  • Social and Medical Evaluations: our evaluations are performed on site, by a Social Worker or LPN, to determine special needs and monitor progress.
  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities: certified and trained staff members assist with ambulation, transferring, eating, and toileting.
  • Transportation: we provide transportation in the Lawton-Fort Sill and surrounding area to and from our Center.
  • Therapy: our staff assists people in recovering from a loss, illness, or injury – be it mentally, emotionally, or physically.
  • Exercise: we provide daily activity, individualized for each participant’s need and level of mobility.
  • Medical Administration: any daily medication needed by a client is administered by a certified and licensed staff member.
  • Activity Staff: our staff provides recreational activities including various games, music therapy, art, crafts, and field trips.
Who Needs Adult Day Services?:

Most of our participants are older adults who may need some help in self-care or require supervision. Some clients need help in managing their daily living tasks, but perhaps do not need round-the-clock care. Others are in need of good nutrition, of simple hot and balanced meals and snacks (to include special diet accommodations). Some of our participants are socially isolated, and we step in to fill the void – we provide a location, and the activities, for similar adults to socialize with each other. Still others are physically or mentally impaired, recovering from a stroke, surgery, dealing with dementia and the like.

If you are interested in our Adult Day Services program, we encourage you to call us! Give us a call at the Lawton number below, or download and fill out the above form.

Hours of Operation:

Adult Day Service is available:
Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Contact Information:

923 Hilltop Drive
Lawton, Oklahoma 73507
Contact: Elizabeth Skulski, Vice President of Program Services
Phone: 580-248-9313
Fax: 580 248-4202

205 South 5th Street
Chickasha, OK 73018
Contact: Elizabeth Skulski, Vice President of Program Services
Phone: 580-248-9313
Fax: 580-248-4202