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Terrie Fae Sockbeson

Terrie Sockbeson was an active participant at Goodwill’s Career Development Center in July 2017. She turned to the Career Development Center to help her with job searching, coaching, and interview techniques. Terrie was very attentive and listened to any advice that was given to her by the employees of the center. She used what she had learned and her previous skills to prepare for finding that perfect job. Currently, Terrie is the Floating Manager for Goodwill Industries, but she started with Goodwill as a Customer Care Champion in 2017. She quickly moved up the ladder – from Customer Care Champion, to Lead Worker, to Assistant Manager, to Manager, serving both of our stores in Lawton, OK.

As her role of Floating Manager, she travels amongst all of our Goodwill stores to help in any way possible. According to her, the best thing about working for Goodwill is the excitement and working with a great group of individuals at all of our stores. She comes to work every day with a positive attitude and a warm, bubbly personality, greeting customers, helping them find that certain item that they are looking for, and even picking out outfits for our customers.

She truly loves what she does and cherishes the Goodwill organization because without the profit from our retail stores, she would not have been able to go to our Career Development Center and gain those valuable skills needed for future job placement. Terrie’s devotion and dedication to learn the skills and abilities to attain a job is a testament to what Goodwill stands for. We take pride in the people we help every day and we are proud that Terrie was able to achieve what she has, and we are beyond proud to have her be a part of our team.