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Success Stories

Lisa Collins

Lisa is a well-mannered, polite and respectful young Native American lady with an infectious smile. Although she has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities, she doesn’t allow her disabilities to outweigh her abilities. Lisa is super friendly, always smiling and happy, and never meets a stranger. Lisa resides with her sister Rhonda, her legal guardian and her brother-in-law Peter. Lisa loves Elvis, going on vacation, going to concerts and her heritage. Lisa has been attending the Goodwill Adult Day Services Program since 2008 and is a true believer of the Goodwill Adult Day Service program. She looks forward to attending her day program each and every day.

Terrie Fae Sockbeson

Terrie Sockbeson was an active participant at Goodwill’s Career Development Center in July 2017. She turned to the Career Development Center to help her with job searching, coaching, and interview techniques. Terrie was very attentive and listened to any advice that was given to her by the employees of the center. She used what she had learned and her previous skills to prepare for finding that perfect job. Currently, Terrie is the Floating Manager for Goodwill Industries, but she started with Goodwill as a Customer Care Champion in 2017. She quickly moved up the ladder – from Customer Care Champion, to Lead Worker, to Assistant Manager, to Manager, serving both of our stores in Lawton, OK.

As her role of Floating Manager, she travels amongst all of our Goodwill stores to help in any way possible. According to her, the best thing about working for Goodwill is the excitement and working with a great group of individuals at all of our stores. She comes to work every day with a positive attitude and a warm, bubbly personality, greeting customers, helping them find that certain item that they are looking for, and even picking out outfits for our customers.

She truly loves what she does and cherishes the Goodwill organization because without the profit from our retail stores, she would not have been able to go to our Career Development Center and gain those valuable skills needed for future job placement. Terrie’s devotion and dedication to learn the skills and abilities to attain a job is a testament to what Goodwill stands for. We take pride in the people we help every day and we are proud that Terrie was able to achieve what she has, and we are beyond proud to have her be a part of our team.

Sheree Price

Sheree started with our Workforce Development Program in 2017. She has been consistent in performance and temperament, never allowing a bad day to slow her down. Sheree is very flexible, able to work with any person in any location without issues. She is always stepping up to lend a hand or a do a little more. In fact, Sheree has been honored at a past Goodwill Annual Banquet as the ‘Client of the Year’ for showing maximum effort throughout the year.

Jason Howard

Jason has been working for Goodwill for over a decade! He is a valued member of our production team and has worked in every location. Jason can be a little shy and quiet, but what he makes up for that with a tenacious appetite for getting things done! He almost never misses work, and he always has a positive attitude. We are lucky to have him on our Workforce team!

Veleria Riddick Tillotson

Veleria was in need of a job, so she visited the Lawton Career Development Center. There, she got help constructing a resume, and learned what job opportunities were available in the area. Because she wanted to work in a position that had Community Outreach programs, Veleria applied for positions online, and when the CDC Administrative Assistant position became available, she applied and got the job. She started working with Goodwill Career Development Center in October 2018. In January of 2019, GoodwillSONT had some changes at the CDC Lawton, and Veleria again applied this time for Manager of the CDC Lawton, and got that job as well. She has moved up even farther now, and is a member of our dynamic Ecommerce team. “I have met some really great people. I love my job and the clients. I’m so grateful I got this opportunity. I truly feel this is my dream job. I’m so proud to be part of such a wonderful company.” Veleria, we are proud to have you on board with us!